Being passionate about  data-driven, sustainable mobility!


“Sucess always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” - Hartman

Since 2009, I am working for the Research Center Finance & Information Management (FIM) and the Project Group Business and Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT). Currently, I am deputy academic director. Furhtermore, I am professor for digitalization & information management at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten.

During my career, I have been granted several applied research projects with a volume of over 2 million Euros for my organizations. Besides publicly funded research projects, my team and I support companies in meeting the challenges of digitalization and sustainability. In particular, we use data-based analyses to evaluate new, sustainable business models.

Exemplary projects are:

  • ODH@SIZ (funded by IuK Bayern):
    • Development of intelligent algorithms for the prognosis of charging traffic at large scale charging stations
    • Development of price models and design of incentives for the flexibilization of loading processes
  • ODH@Bochum-Weitmar (funded by progress.NRW):
    • Data-driven evaluation of resident-centered business models for the use of local, green electricity
    • Creation of acceptance and attractiveness in the district by integrating the resident’s needs
  • German OEM:
    • Evaluation of chances and risks of home energy management systems in the context of e-mobility
  • Service Municipal:
    • Data-driven segmentation of car-sharing customers

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